Over the last few decades this homeowners roof had taken a beating from the extreme seasonal Wisconsin weather.    As a preventative measure, they called on us for an inspection and found that the shingles were showing signs of significant wear. We provided an estimate for full replacement and they chose us to remove the current shingles, replace any compromised wood and install a brand new roof.


Additional attention was needed for the multiple peaks and valleys.  After the entire roof tear-off, we meticulously inspected every board and flashing area to make sure there as no signs of water leaking or rotten wood.  The roof was in tact and did not require any major wood replacement.  If there were signs of water penetration, our experts would have identified and resolved the issue prior to the new shingles being installed.  This customer chose GAF Timberline Dimensional Shingles for the roof that includes the manufacturers warranty in addition to Aurum Contractings 5 year Gold Standard Warranty for craftsmanship.



The customers were thrilled with the new roof and curb appeal.  It was a very smooth process from beginning to end.