With any home-improvement project, there’s a sundry of questions to answer and decisions to make. There are questions and decisions regarding project priority (e.g. Which project is most pressing?) that determine where you invest your dollars. There will be creative and exciting questions and decisions that make you smile (e.g. What designs, styles, and colors are best?). Then, there are bottom-line questions and decisions regarding initial costs, life-cycle costs, and return on investment.

If you have found yourself in a roofing project dilemma, such as a roof repair vs. roof replacement question, then you already understand the complexity of making a final decision when there is no clear-cut answer. If this sounds familiar, keep reading for valuable information and expert tips on how to decide between roof repair or roof replacement, and see if it doesn’t clear matters up for you.


From years of roofing experience, being asked the interrogative “repair-or-replace” question countless times, and seeing that same familiar expression of consternation on so many customer faces, the toughest phase of any roofing project on this topic is the “Pros and Cons” phase. This is the phase of the roofing project where the most difficult questions are asked and where the toughest decisions are made. If you ever have any doubts about your roofing project, then you’re still in this phase.

Pros Of Roof Repair

  • Roof repair has a lower initial cost.
  • Roof repair is typically completed faster.
  • Roof repair is generally less intrusive on your property.
  • Roof repair is attractive if you don’t plan on living in the same home for more than a few years.

Cons of Roof Repair

  • Repairs may not always address underlying roofing issues.
  • Repairs may not be guaranteed craftsmanship or warrantied for manufacturer materials.
  • If you intend to stay in the home for many years, you are generally using money that will need to go to an eventual roof replacement.
  • Repairs generally equate to higher life-cycle costs in many situations.

Pros Of Roof Replacement

  • Roof replacement generally has a lower life-cycle cost.
  • Roof replacement comes with a 5-YEAR CRAFTSMAN’S WARRANTY on workmanship (from Aurum Contracting) and carries a full manufacturer warranty on roofing materials.
  • Underlying roof issues, such as damaged decking, are revealed and addressed 100%.
  • Your new roof is going to look fantastic!

Cons Of Roof Replacement

  • Roof replacement carries a higher initial cost.
  • Your friends and neighbors may get jealous.


This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself. Well, how old is your roof? Composition or architectural shingle roofs generally have a life-cycle of 25 to 30 years. Less expensive 3-tab asphalt shingle roofs last about 15 years. If your roof has passed the halfway mark of its life-cycle expectancy, you may be advised to get a roof replacement.


Factors affecting the life-cycle expectancy of any roof are roof maintenance, timely repairs, and how much beating the roof has undergone to severe weather over the years. Generally speaking, a well-maintained roof is a lasting roof. If you’ve made timely repairs, kudos to you again. Your roofing contractor can give you an estimate of the remaining expected life-cycle of your roof. Using this figure along with other information, such as how long you intend to live in the home, you can make an educated decision whether to repair your roof or replace it altogether.

If you are facing the decision between a roof repair and a roof replacement, don’t do it alone. Contact the pros at Aurum Contracting for expert help and advice. We provide FREE ROOFING ESTIMATES, a 5-YEAR CRAFTSMAN’S WARRANTY, and the best home contracting and customer service in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois! Contact us online or give us a call at (608) 312-4343!