Your home’s exterior siding is important for maintaining curb appeal and protecting your home from the elements. However, many still don’t know enough about their siding. As a result, they either make the wrong choices or inadvertently contribute to the siding’s deterioration.

Here are ten things to know regarding your home siding.

Window and siding with a beautiful flower covered window sill beneath the open blinds

1. You Can Get Vinyl Siding in Other Colors

Have you struggled to bring your dream home exterior to life due to limited color options for vinyl siding? That's all in the past! For your next siding revamp, you can choose vinyl siding in colors other than pastel and beige.

2. Wood Siding Can Last Up to 100 Years

If you want a siding that can last a lifetime, you can't go wrong with wood. Your wood siding can last a century with proper maintenance. Fiber cement siding and steel siding materials are the closest to wood in terms of longevity.

3. Metal and Fiber Cement Siding Are Low Maintenance Siding Options

Are you looking for low-maintenance siding for your home? Metal and fiber cement are excellent options. Some products can last up to 50 years and only require periodic cleaning and painting.

Fiber cement products can withstand heat from fires, while some metal products are fire-resistant. You also don't have to worry about mold growth.

4. Vinyl Siding Is the Overall Best Choice

Are you looking for a long-lasting siding option that won't require a huge upfront investment? Most contractors agree vinyl siding is best. Stucco siding, aluminum siding, and fiber cement siding are all highly durable, but the installation costs can be up to five times higher than vinyl.

5. All Siding Brands Are Not Equal

Stick to tested and trusted names like James Hardie, and others when it's time to replace your siding.

6. Siding Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Quality siding installation can give your home an extra layer of protection against the elements.

7. Siding Longevity Depends on Installation

If you don't work with professional installers, your siding material will not matter.

You can find examples of metal siding, stone veneer siding, aluminum siding, and stucco siding, all failing long before their advertised lifespan due to poor-quality installation.

8. Siding Is a Cost-Effective Method of Improving Overall Appeal

Installing new siding is an excellent way to revamp your home's exterior before listing it on the market.

9. Re-Treat Your Natural Wood Siding Every Two to Five Years

Natural wood siding is durable but requires resealing every few years. If you have wood as the siding material in your home, be sure to take excellent care of the wood shingles. Once the existing materials deteriorate, it can be hard to remedy.

10. Replace Damaged Sections Fast

Ignoring damaged board and batten sections will lead to faster deterioration. Call your local siding contractors once you spot the first signs of damage.

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