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Did your home or business in Batavia, IL get hit with the recent hail and wind storm?  Aurum Contracting is local to the area and we have a team in the area to help with inspections and repairs.  

When hail hits your roof, it damages your shingles by creating soft spots. These spots fracture your shingle and void most manufacturers warranties.  Hail damage can be hard to detect so it’s essential our trained inspection experts assess the damage before any future leaks begin. The gutters on your home can also take a beating from the hail so it’s important to replace those as well.  Any section of a gutter system that is compromised will likely fail in the future increasing the risk of water issues near the foundation of your home.

Serious weather can also create significant damage to your home’s siding. Hail and wind can chip and crack vinyl and wood siding and trim.  Some damage is obvious but often it takes a trained eye to uncover all of the damage.  Contact us for a fast free inspection.

If your windows were damaged in the recent hail storm, we can assess and replace those as well. Our team is in your neighborhood standing by to help inspect and help you get your home put back to it’s the original pre-storm condition.

We’ll work directly with ANY insurance company.

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