You thought about it and maybe even planned for it this past year, but for one reason or another, a siding replacement for your Twin Cities Metro home just never transpired. Now, with the arrival of winter and colder weather, you may be thinking that your new siding replacement project will just have to wait until next summer. Or, will it?

Many folks don’t realize that the winter season is actually a great time of year for a replacement siding project complete with new windows and doors. Of course, you want to hire a trusted and tested home contractor with an experienced team of installers to do the job right in cold weather. If you would like to move forward with your siding replacement project, read on to learn five great reasons winter is the right time of year to do get it done!


It would be nice to take the entire winter off at the first sign of colder temperatures and snowfall. The truth be told, whether counting seasonal calendar months or even longer time periods for cold-weather days, it’s just not sustainable for your typical contractor. So, whether there is snow on the ground, sleet and ice on the roads and walkways, rain in the gutters, or a day full of sunshine, Aurum Contracting works the year-round installing roof replacements, making home exterior repairs, and installing vinyl, fiber-cement, and more replacement siding.


When you choose a home improvement project, such as replacement siding, roof replacements, or installing new windows and doors, there are often benefits of choosing the winter months for your home updates. One of the advantages is more flexible scheduling due to the greater availability of your contractor. The winter months do tend to be slower for home exterior projects, which means your contractor’s schedule will be more flexible to suit your schedule.

As manufacturers look to clear stock of the previous year and introduce new offerings, you may capitalize on lower prices for materials. Additionally, be sure to get at least a few bids for your home-improvement project. It could result in lower installation estimates and costs from your contractor since the business does tend to slow down during the snowy months. Plus, working with the right contractor can get you the best prices and selections in siding materials and styles.


When you’re undertaking a replacement siding project, you’re going to have workers walking around your yard. During the warmer and rainier seasons of spring, summer, and fall, your yard will tend to be softer and wetter. Installing home siding in the Twin Cities Metro area during these months can take a toll on your yard even when maximum precautions are taken. During the cold winter months, your yard is frozen solid and resistant to the wear and tear of workers’ boots working and walking on your property.


It’s advisable to have your roof and home exterior inspected every few years and following storms with hail and/or strong winds in excess of 40 MPH winds. If you have neglected to have your roof and siding inspected in recent years and following stormy weather, do it sooner rather than later!

A roof and siding inspection entail your professional home contractor taking images and video of the roof, siding, and attic that will reveal any short-term damage or damage that has been long overdue for repair. Further, if it’s suspected your home’s exterior walls have sustained long-term damage to the elements or pests, a siding replacement is the right time to make any overdue repairs to your home’s exterior.


With the arrival of the holiday season, why not treat yourself to a gift of a home-improvement project? Put that replacement siding project or roof replacement on your gift list to yourself or your significant other, and enjoy the holidays in comfort and the brand new look of your home’s new siding!

Don’t put off your siding replacement project any longer! Let the pros at Aurum Contracting show you the benefits of a winter siding installation for your home. Contact us online or call us at (608) 312-4343 to learn more!