One of the more popular home improvement projects during the summer is installing replacement siding. New siding is a good investment that protects your home and wraps around it like a blanket. Good-quality siding keeps the elements out and the comfort and energy savings in. Replacement siding can boost your home’s value as well as boost its curb appeal. What better reason than that – a home makeover to make your home look brand new again!

Yet, there are more reasons. Read on to see if you recognize any of the following telltale signs that replacement siding would be a good investment in your home this season.

Rising Energy Bills

Siding helps protect your home from water seepage, uncomfortable temperatures, and air leaks. When it’s too cold outside, you do your best to keep the heat inside. When it’s hot and humid outside, siding helps keep the heat and humidity out. If you have old, inefficient siding on your home, it could be contributing to higher energy bills. With new siding, your siding contractor can wrap your home’s sheathing with a weather resistive barrier (WRB) or rigid foam board insulation. Insulated siding is also a popular option.

Hail Damage, Storm Damage

If your home has been hit by hail or wind-driven storms with sustained wind speed of 40 MPH or more, you should call your home contractor to inspect your home. A good contractor will inspect your home for free following possible storm damage, and work with you and your insurance company if you’re going to file a storm damage claim.

Lost Its Luster

Has your home’s old siding faded and lost its luster? A home makeover project is fun, exciting, and the perfect solution! Vinyl siding comes in many designs, styles, and colors, and vinyl is low maintenance and durable. It’s the perfect choice to make your home look great! If your siding is old and weather beaten, ask your contractor to inspect your roof as well. A new roof would look great with replacement siding, and come with a nice warranty.

Blisters and Bubbles

Siding that has blisters and bubbles has lost its ability to keep the elements out. If water is getting into the siding or behind the siding, mold and mildew can develop which is a problem that nobody wants. The roof and gutters should be inspected as well in case the gutters are clogged and if there are any signs of shingle problems on the roof.

Decay, Warping, and Bulging

More telltale signs you may need replacement siding are siding boards that are rotting, warping or bulging. Those are some of the problems often found with older wood siding. Wood siding requires a lot of maintenance each year to keep it in good condition. That’s why vinyl siding is recommended so often – less upkeep!

Insect Infestation

Another problem with wood siding is insect infestation. Termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles can create huge problems with wood siding, sheathing, and any wood used to construct your home. Not only do these pests destroy wood, they invite moisture into the siding. Contact a pest control company at the first sign of insect problems.

Peeling Wallpaper or Paint

When water works its way behind your home’s siding, it can create major headaches for you. Some of the telltale signs of the presence of water and moisture behind siding are actually located indoors. If you have peeling paint or peeling wallpaper inside your home, you could have moisture problems in the walls and siding.

Holes or Cracks

Hailstones can make dents, impact marks, and even holes in your home’s siding. Other storm damage could include large or small cracks, with some cracks possible behind the siding in the brackets. If your home has been hit by a storm, you should get a free inspection right away.

If replacement siding is on your to-do list, contact the professionals at Aurum Contracting. We offer free siding inspections and estimates, as well as free roof inspections. All of our work is guaranteed with a 5 Year Gold Standard Warranty for craftsmanship! If you’re in Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, or Iowa, give us a call at (608) 312-4343 for your next home exterior project!