The homeowner of this beautiful two-story home in Cortland, IL called on us to inspect the roof as there had been a leak. Our team pulled out the ladders and after a close review, it was revealed that several areas of the roof had been compromised and should be replaced.  The damage was not from a storm but from normal wear and tear. Typical roofs in the upper midwest can wear faster because of the severity of weather and seasons.


For the most part, this was a pretty typical roof replacement.  One main challenge was the roof above the first level.  Safety is our #1 priority for our employees and the homeowners, so we utilized our shingle elevator to deliver each stack of shingles up to the second level roof.  This is not only safer for our workers but also can protect the homeowners’ property.


The customer was thrilled with the end product and was pleased with how clean the job site was after we finished.   Good job.  Good weather.  Great customer.  Thank you!