Winter brings many beautiful sights but also dangers for many homeowners. Besides plenty of snow piling up on the ground, homeowners often need to battle icicles. Along with icicles, you may need to deal with an ice dam forming on your roof.

This blog will explore the dangers ice and snow can present to your roof and gutters. This blog will also explain why you need a Beloit siding installation for your home or business.

What Are the Differences Between Ice Dams and Icicles?

Most people have heard the term icicle, but the term ice dam might be new to you. While sometimes confused for each other, many differences exist.

An icicle essentially refers to ice hanging from your roof or your gutter's eve.

This cone-shaped ice needs water to form, and as moisture creeps to your home's exterior edge, it'll leak. These leaks will then freeze over, creating the icicle.

An ice dam consists of massive buildups, typically forming at a roof's edge. Ice dams become more dangerous than icicles as they can prevent water from flowing into your home's gutters.

Why Do I Have an Ice Dam or Icicles?

You can attribute the appearance of an ice dam or icicle to different factors. Essentially, however, they result from a rooftop that has varying temperatures. A roof with different heat levels triggers melting snow in these warmer regions.

This melting snow then migrates to the edge of your roof. Next, the snow's melted water will refreeze, creating ice. Three main factors can contribute to this process:

  • Your plumbing, dryer vents, and chimneys: These features free heat, and this released heat can melt your ice and snow.
  • Not having the right insulation: Proper attic insulation prevents ice dams following nasty weather.
  • Extreme temperature changes: Unfortunately, a bad winter storm can trigger this issue even with the proper measures. While you can't control the weather, you can prevent frozen shingles and other damage to your new roof.

Ways You Can Prevent Ice Dams

You can winterize the interior and exterior of your home or business in some of the following ways:

  • Have roofing contractors install the necessary insulation, preparing your attic for winter.
  • Ensure your roof has the proper ventilation, which can significantly prevent needing a roof repair.
  • Check your home for any air leaking and adequately seal the source.

Another expert tip is to request a professional company to remove any snow or ice buildups. Putting in the effort to remove these buildups can help prevent or minimize future problems.

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