If your windows are more than 15-20 years old or damaged, it may be time for  window replacements.  The fact is windows become less efficient over the years and are more difficult to maintain. Below are a few of the top reasons to update with new windows.

Water Works:
Water has a way of penetrating a home unnoticed, and windows are one of the biggest problem areas.  Moisture in your home is your arch enemy as it sneaks in unnoticed. Older windows can lose their ability to hold out year round moisture. By the time you see symptoms, you have already incurred damage.  Mold growth on your ceiling and inner walls is the worst kind of damage.

Cold Draft:
In the cold, if your windows are drafty it might be time for an update.  Older windows loose the ability to hold out cold like the new more efficient windows.  Overtime with the elements, window insulation can break down and becomes less efficient.  New windows will not only hold out the draft but will help reduce monthly utility bills.

Fading Away:
Older windows don’t have a UV coating. This UV Coating protects your furniture, rugs and artwork from fading.  If you like to let the sun in, you need to keep the UV rays out.

Minimal Maintenance:
Tired of all the seasonal maintenance of your windows?  Keeping older windows maintained is not an easy task.  New windows offer the ability to easily clean both sides of the glass safely from the inside of your home.  Our preferred windows are top-of-the-line vinyl-clad windows from Andersen.  Anderson Windows are proven and come with an unmatched track record.

  Return on Investment:
When you sell your home, statistics chart that you will recoup around 73% of the invested cost of new windows.  There’s no question that new windows increase the value of your home and save on utility bills. It really can be a win-win. 

And finally…  Your’ neighbors will thank you.  

So, you might think… “I’ve watched Bob Villa. I can put in windows”  We would caution you, unless you’re trained in installing windows correctly, we’d strongly recommend having the pros do it.  There are hundreds of ways to install a window but there is only one right way. A window not properly installed might invite water into the home and an improper installation could void the window warranty.

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