The exterior of your home is critical in protecting your valuables and family.   One of the most important parts is your siding.    You might think siding is just a decorative part of your home, but it’s much more than that.    It protects your home from rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, tree branches and about 20 other elements (if you live in the upper midwest).  Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for style, color and durability.  We answered a few questions sent to us by a customer in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Customer: How much maintenance is required with vinyl siding?

Aurum:  Vinyl siding is essentially maintenance free, we do recommend that you give it a good spray down once or twice a year as a general rule of thumb to rid it of pollen build up and dirt residue from the change of the seasons.

Customer: What manufacturer do you recommend?

Aurum: We try to stick with what we know and trust.  Mastic vinyl siding is and always has been our go to vinyl, with a multitude of colors throughout the 3 main lines; Ovation, Quest, and Carvedwood, you can rest assured that all accessories such as J-channel, J-Blocks, Dryer Vent covers, and Gable vents match your siding to perfectly.  The consistency throughout the color varieties is why we recommend Mastic, which is “Plygem” company.

Customer: Are there manufacturers warranties that are included?

Aurum: Yes, in fact there is a “Lifetime” fading warranty, Mastic has patented technology designed to protect against UV rays. The Carvedwood line is also warrantied for hail damage,  this is something that is very rare for a siding manufacturer to warranty.  ( I’ll need to check the facts on this answer particularly)

Customer: Do you have any siding projects recently completed in the area that we could drive by to see for ourselves?

Aurum: Yes, we have 100’s of satisfied customers with a 45 mile radius of our location in Beloit, WI. Let us know what style you’re looking at and we’ll get you connected.  Contact us today.

Customer: Is the siding going to protect my home against moisture/water intrusion?

Aurum: Yes it will play a vital role in protecting your home against the elements, however, siding is not intended to be the main component to protect your home against moisture.  We will install a water/vapor barrier over every square foot of your home prior to installing the siding.

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