Frank Lloyd Wright was an iconic American architect who built more than 500 buildings across the globe. Though his designs have an eccentric side, he well known for his love of harmonizing nature with structures. Though Wright died in 1959, his legacy would live on through the students at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. One highlight of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture lies in Spring Green Wisconsin. Spring Valley Inn is a 35-room hotel built by the Frank Lloyd Wright school to honor the late architect’s style. The timeless red roof, atrium ceilings, and vast windows allow guests to feel as if they are in the great outdoors while avoiding the elements.



After a recent hailstorm, the Spring Valley Inn’s red roof took a hard hit. Aurum Contracting contacted Spring Valley Inn and asked if they would be interested in a roof inspection following the storm. After approval from the owner, the team from Aurum visited the site to inspect the roof and found evidence of hail damage to the shingles. Following the first inspection, a second meeting was set up with the insurance adjuster.  The Aurum team made a point to be there to help make sure all the damage was revealed. The adjuster sampled a test area of the roof and concluded there was not enough damage to approve a roof replacement. The Aurum Team indicated the hail storm was unique in that it dropped large hail in pockets, causing some of the roof to be preserved while other parts were damaged. After further discussion with the insurance adjuster, they tested another area of the roof and found that team from Aurum was correct in that the hail damage had been in small pockets on the roof. After the second test, Spring Valley Inns roof was approved by the insurance company for a full replacement.



The challenge with repairing the roof was keeping the historical character while ensuring a quality replacement. The Aurum team also assessed that the 35 pod vents could be replaced by a ridge vent system. This greatly reduced the areas where the roof might be compromised by water in the future. The re-roofing of the Spring Valley Inn by Aurum contracting was done faster than anticipated due to the quality and efficiency of the Aurum team.



The result of the re-roofing by Aurum Contracting created a great experience all around. The owner of the Inn couldn’t be happier with the job and the guests enjoyed the refinished yet timeless look of the red roof.

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