We live in a beautiful region of the country, but it’s also an unpredictable area when it comes to dangerous windstorms and hailstorms. After all, Wisconsin and Illinois average more than 20 and 50 tornadoes a year respectively. Whether your home was affected by a storm this year, high winds and hail can deliver significant damage that would require you to file a claim with your insurance company.

At Aurum Contracting, we understand the challenges homeowners face when dealing with storm damage to their homes and trying to file complicated insurance claims. With our vast experience dealing with storm damage, insurance companies, and home restoration, we’ll take the stress off your shoulders, help give you some peace of mind through this tedious process, and get hammers swinging to rebuilding.


Getting caught in a hailstorm can be a frightening experience. Even when you’re in the comfort of your own home, the sound of hail bombarding your roof and siding can be unnerving. But, at least you are safe and protected inside. Then, you begin to worry about your home. Questions race through your mind:

  • Is there going to be any damage to my home?
  • Are the windows going to get broken?
  • How’s the roof holding up?

Small hailstones typically fall between 15 and 20 MPH. As you may know, the larger that hailstones become, the faster they will generally fall. In fact, large hailstones in excess of two inches, for example, may reach speeds up to 100 MPH. Hail of that size and velocity can do devastating damage to your home, affecting the integrity of your roof, gutters, siding, and windows.

From the initial damage estimate to rebuilding and the final inspection of the storm damage restoration, Aurum Contracting will work closely with you and your insurance company for a smoothly run project. Further, we’ll help ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are due for the storm damage to your home exterior, such as:

  • Multiple impact marks on roofing shingles
  • Cracked tiles, wood, or slate roofing
  • Damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Damaged siding and broken windows
  • Impact marks on painted surfaces


Wind damage is perhaps the most prevalent storm-related event and causes for filing homeowners insurance claims. Where hail can pelt and pockmark a roof and home, severe winds can rip entire sections of siding and roofing off home and can be strong enough to topple a tree onto a roof. To make matters worse, water damage often accompanies or follows wind damage to a home.

For instance, if a windstorm leaves a gaping hole in your roof, water may fall freely into your home. Your homeowners’ insurance policy may state that such roofing damage needs to be repaired or securely covered ASAP. This is to prevent additional water damage on top of the original windstorm or hail storm damage.

That’s when you need a reliable home contractor to guide you through this laborious process. The basics of our storm damage restoration process is as follows:

  • Free comprehensive home exterior inspection including video analysis
  • Generate the required reports for your insurance company
  • Experienced and certified professionals complete storm damage restoration expediently
  • You receive our 5-YEAR CRAFTSMAN’S WARRANTY


When your home sustains windstorm or hail damage, you’re going to need a lot of help from a lot of people. It’s important to have an established working relationship with the right home contracting company. The time to make your home and future more secure is before the storm, not after the storm when all the reputable home contractors are unavailable.

At Aurum Contracting, we give you start-to-finish support whether you need a simple roof repair or a complete roof replacement during a storm damage restoration project. We’ll meet with your adjuster and do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you need emergency home exterior repairs, a roof inspection, or other home exterior projects, call (608) 312-4343 to speak with a home exterior specialist at Aurum Contracting.