From Madison, WI, to Rockford, IL, your home’s siding fulfills many roles. It wraps your home in a protective blanket to insulate you from the elements. It also gives your home distinction, an aesthetic exterior design for the curb appeal you want. So, when your siding falls into disrepair, whether it has been struck by storm or hail damage, pests are causing damage, or it’s just aged past its useful life span, you may wonder if it’s time to replace the siding or if a repair will give it more years of service.

If you’re stuck in a repair or replace dilemma, consider the following advantages and disadvantages for repairing or replacing your siding that we at Aurum Contracting have put together for you.


When deciding between repairing your home’s siding or opting for brand new siding all around, the first question to consider is straight forward. Are you staying in your home for the long term, or are you selling your home in a few years? There are several reasons why you may be selling your home in the short term. If you think you may be selling your home within the next four or five years, then a siding repair is a good option that will save you money and time.


While repairing your siding gives you a lower up-front cost, it could be a temporary fix with additional long-term cost. In fact, siding that needs repairs often signals a larger hidden problem. There could be mold or pest infiltration that requires a permanent solution. There could be a roofing problem that’s leaking water down the walls and a siding repair won’t address the real problem. Further, a siding repair may not satisfy the manufacturer requirements for warranty coverage.


One of the primary concerns for the repair or replace question is the cost.  While the initial cost of a siding repair is less than a siding replacement, the cost per square foot is cheaper for a siding replacement.  And, if you address the problems that caused your home’s siding to deteriorate, you will save even more money down the road.

Another advantage of new home siding is increased home value. Perhaps you have been considering other home exterior projects, such as installing new windows. This is the perfect time to do those projects as well. One advantage that’s sure to be a favorite is that new siding makes your home look brand new again.


Perhaps the biggest factor and disadvantage of installing new siding is that a siding replacement has a higher initial cost than a siding repair. This is why if you are going to be in your home for just a few more years, a repair is the more cost-effective option. However, for long-term home ownership, a complete siding replacement is worth the higher initial cost because the return on investment is much greater with siding replacement. Just be sure to choose your home contractor wisely to get the best price with the best service.

Another potential disadvantage of a full siding replacement compared to a siding repair is the amount of time involved. This is another reason why choosing a reputable home contractor is so important for siding replacement and other exterior projects like roof replacement. Make sure the contractor you choose maps out the amount of time it’s going to take to install your new siding. After all, staying on schedule often amounts to staying on budget.

If you are trying to decide between a siding repair or siding replacement, let the professionals at Aurum Contracting help you make the right decision for your unique situation. Call us at (608) 312-4343! for all your home exterior needs!