It will save money not having to tear off the old shingles and be cheaper…right?  Wrong!

So you may still be wondering, don’t extra layers of shingles provide better protection? While layering shingles may give the illusion that your roof is sturdier, the long-term consequences could outweigh the positives. Here are three reasons why you should keep the shingles on your roof to one layer.



Multiple layers of shingles on your roof might give your house a dated look. Understandably, completely replacing shingles on a roof is not an easy task. Taking off old shingles is time-consuming and costly, but it will prevent the roof from looking bumpy or uneven. Layering shingles over time will ultimately lead to a choppier look on your roof.


Though it may seem safer to have multiple layers of shingles protecting the roof, these layers may actually do the opposite. Extra layers of shingles provide more space for elements to slip in between the cracks. Rain, ice, and even small leaves can pile up under the shingles and lift them away from the roof. Spaces in between shingles have the possibility to damage your home by allowing rain to seep through to the first layer of your roof. One watertight layer of shingles will provide more protection than two or even three layers.


The third reason you should limit your shingles to one layer is because of longevity. Keeping your home in top shape starts by caring for your roof. Adding extra layers of shingles can trap heat and cause lower layers to degrade faster. Replacing your roof every 10-20 years with composition shingles and every 15-30 years with asphalt shingles might cost more, but you’ll save yourself the headache of trying to repair costly leaks and water damage.  What can also happen is if you don’t remove all the old shingles, tar paper, and old nails, nail pop can happen.  Nail pop is when nails push upward with changes in temperature over time.  These nails can push up and compromise your new brand new layer of shingles on top.

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