Water damage is a costly, time-consuming cleanup project. Whether its damage caused by water leaking down a wall, seeping into a floor or dripping from a ceiling, you could end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a restoration project. Though it is impossible to keep an eye on all the places where water could leak in, you should be inspecting the biggest one: your roof.

A leaky roof can lead to issues such as mildew, saturated insulation, higher energy bills, and moisture in your attic. In the long run, a leaky roof may lead to more than an annoying drip, it can lead to secondary damage. Secondary damage consists of compromised structures within the walls and even compromised wiring. Mold and mildew in wall structures may cause more than renovation issues; they could also have an impact on your health if the leak is left untreated.

Spotting roof damage begins by doing regular check-ups on your roof. A split, missing, or loose shingle can all be culprits to that annoying leak. A roof inspection might be a difficult task depending on the shape of your roof or the height, that’s why Aurum is here to help. Aurum Contracting, based out of Beloit Wisconsin, specializes in roof repairs for cracks, leaks and other types of damage. If you believe your roof might be leaking or you’ve seen a shingle out of place, give us a call today at (608) 466-6872.  We’ll be happy to provide you with a FAST free inspection.