7 Signs Your Siding May Need To Be Replaced

You notice it every day. Its color has faded. There’s mold and decay in places, or perhaps profiles are bulging, cracked, or warped. Maybe it’s just time for a home makeover, and siding is certainly included in that project. Yet, has siding replacement made your to-do list of home improvement projects and, if yes, with high priority? The siding that wraps your home is incredibly important to your home’s energy efficiency, value, and overall curb appeal. Most importantly, well-maintained quality siding protects you and your loved ones, your home, and everything inside from the elements. It’s an insulating and protective blanket from the bitter cold and stifling heat, from rain, snowfall, and hail, and from unwanted creatures, vermin, and pests. Further, are you aware of what happens when home