Are you considering different home-improvement projects you can do this winter? Why not? The winter season is actually a great time of year for many home projects in the Twin Cities Metro area. So, which home-improvement project to do? How about upgrading your home’s windows? A windows upgrade with a bay or bow window, bold picture windows, and/or classic casement windows ranks high on the list for all of the cost-effective benefits this project offers. Here are seven of the great benefits of window upgrades you may expect!

1. Reduced Energy Costs

Wintertime outdoor conditions are quite extreme on average in the Twin Cities Metro area. Frigid temperatures and icy conditions, it’s practically a part-time job just making sure you, your loved ones, and your home can stay warm. That means increased energy costs—especially if you have old, drafty windows. Double-pane or triple-pane window replacements can substantially reduce those energy costs for you in frigid winter weather (and hot and humid summers).

2. UV Protection

Old windows may not protect your furnishings, wall coverings, and anything else in sunlight’s path in your home from the damaging effects of UV light. Paint, wallpaper, and other wall coverings can fade, as well as furniture upholstery. Double-pane windows can block 90% or more of the sun’s UV rays.

3. Safer Home

Home sweet home. You also want your home to be very safe. Do all of the locks work on your windows? Are some of your windows stuck shut or very hard to open, especially for children or the elderly? New windows help keep undesirables out of your home while still allowing for easy opening from the inside in the event of an emergency or just for everyday use when you want some fresh air.

4. Easier Maintenance

Are your old windows past the point of simple maintenance? Do they really need a good sanding and paint job, but you don’t want the expense or bother? Just like vinyl replacement siding, new vinyl windows are beautiful, extremely durable, AND easy to take care of!

5. Curb Appeal

Of course, there’s better curb appeal with a windows upgrade! New windows can tremendously change the look of your home for the better, much like a beautiful new roof replacement because windows and your roof cover so much square footage of your home’s exterior. When your home contractor installs beautiful windows (and doors!) by Andersen! From the design consultation, to measuring and custom manufacturing to installation, work with a contractor that works with you every step of the way!

6. Reduced outside Noise

Can you imagine a quieter home? Have you often wished for a quieter home? Well, Andersen replacement windows updates can make it happen! Installed with noise-reducing, high-quality glass, select windows can make your home more serene and comfortable.

7. Increased Home Value

New replacement windows can have a substantial impact on the increased value of a home. Just ask the National Association of Realtors. They state that window upgrades can yield a 78% return on investment (ROI). Not bad at all!

One last thought. Ask your home contractor about ENERGY STAR® certified windows for the best energy efficiency for all of Minnesota’s seasons. For a free consultation for window upgrades for your Twin Cities Metro area home, contact Aurum Contracting online or by calling (608) 312-4343!