When storm damage strikes the community, roofing contractors you’ve never heard of come out of the woodwork from far far away. To make matters worse, many of these so-called roofing contractors (“storm chasers” is the more accurate description) may pressure you to sign on the dotted line and pay a deposit in order for you to receive a great discount. If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s likely just that.

You don’t need a hassle with unscrupulous people like that during this stressful time following storm damage to your roof and home. What follows are seven great more reasons to hire local roofers when you need trusted roofers for roof repair the most!

Quick Response Times

Any time you have damage to your roof, it’s an emergency. You want your roof sealed up and repaired quickly. The storm damage may even be bad enough to warrant an entire roof replacement. In all of these circumstances, you need fast response time from your roofing contractor—local roofers that can be set up quickly and, well, ready to work!

Local Suppliers and Resources

It won’t do your roofers much good to respond quickly if they don’t have any supply resources or if they’re waiting on their supplies from hundreds of miles away. A good local GAF Master-Elite™ roofing contractor has local resources and supply chain which means the sooner hammers swing.

Knows Local Codes

Your local roofers already know local building codes. Your local contractor can quickly pull all of the required permits, which saves time and possibly penalty fees. A contractor who is not familiar with local building codes can delay the emergency storm damage repair.

Dedicated Project Manager

An on-site dedicated project manager means clearer communication between the roofers and you, and clear communication with your homeowners insurance company throughout the project. A local project manager can talk to you face to face in a more personable manner than communicating only by phone or, worse, only by email.

Support Your Local Businesses

When you shop local and hire local companies, you’re supporting your community. Many roofing companies depend on word-of-mouth advertising to help sustain their company. Check with your friends, neighbors, and family for leads on local roofers, and vet prospective contractors by reading customer reviews and looking up their Better Business Bureau rating.

Trusted In The Community

When you hire a local roofing contractor, you are hiring a work crew that is known in the community, that has ties to the community, and that has pride in their community the same as you. Hire a trusted local roofing contractor with a good reputation and you’re all but guaranteed a great job restoring or replacing your roof (and replacement siding and window upgrades!).

Local Company, Local Warranty

When your home has been hit by storm damage and you’re undertaking emergency projects, such as a replacement roof, replacement siding, and replacement windows, you want the work to be thorough and guaranteed. Not all roofing contractors offer a warranty for their workmanship. Get a workmanship warranty in writing, and you’re in business! Additionally, it’s quite difficult for a company to make good on a warranty when they are not locally known.

When you need emergency storm repair, a roof replacement, a roof repair, new siding and windows, contact Aurum Contracting—your local roofing contractor! We are trusted with a stellar reputation, and we guarantee our work in writing with a 5-YEAR CRAFTSMAN’S WARRANTY. Call on us today at (608) 312-4343!